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Introducing CaW Fitness and Wellbeing

Fitness makes you feel great, and when you feel great, you can achieve anything. At CaW Fitness and Wellbeing, we're passionate about helping you enjoy the process of getting fit, looking after your body and mind, and building core strength from within.


Southampton's CaW fitness brings you fun, relaxed classes that are designed to work on your all round fitness, appropriate for all levels, whether you're training for a marathon, or just wanting to lose a few pounds. 

Sign up to attend unlimited classes each month, or simply pay as you go - it's up to you! 


All our fitness classes take place in Southampton - at Itchen College or on Peartree Green in the Bitterne, Sholing, Woolston area, so please book a space and come and join in!  

A bit about us 

Chris & Amelia Walker

We love running, cycling and swimming - and have been known to do a marathon and triathlon or two. But most importantly, we love helping others get fit and encouraging them take pride in their wellbeing, whilst having fun in the process. If you're training for a sporting event, or just wanting to improve your general fitness, our classes are perfect for you!

Fitness coach Chris runs the weekly classes and Amelia supports everything in the background.


All our fitness sessions take place in Southampton - at Itchen College or on Peartree Green, so come along and see us there! 

Weekly Fitness Classes  


Build Confidence

Regular exercise is key to becoming the best version of yourself. A bit of sweat gets those endorphins flowing through your body, which not only gives you an instant high, it is proven to improve your long-term self-confidence - not only in the way you look but the way you feel too on the inside too. 

Boost Your Mood

Endorphins lower stress and anxiety - and we create a lot of them at our classes! Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can help improve your mental well being. And if you're adding fun and laughter into the mix, it can only lift your mood further. 

Increase Energy Levels

Feeling sluggish and can't be bothered to go to class? An absolute fact is that exercise gives you more energy, so get out, get active and join in the fun - you'll be so glad you did! 



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