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"Helping you to overcome anxiety, setting you free to achieve your dreams..."

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Mental health is the single biggest factor that holds us back from achieving our goals. At Caw Fitness and Wellbeing, not only are we passionate about getting physically fit, we are here to encourage you to become mentally fit too. The two go hand in hand. 

Amelia Walker is a qualified anxiety coach, using the STILL method to help children and adults tackle anxiety. 

Stop - Talk - Imagine - Listen - Learn

Living with anxiety can feel lonely and complex.

Advice can feel mixed, confusing and overwhelming. 

The STILL Method is different
It's a step-by-step 6 week programme filled with powerful, fun and effective tools to reduce anxiety. It's a complete system to help children, teens and adults manage emotions, improve low self-esteem and gain resilience

The STILL Method was created by Stuart Thompson, who trained as a social worker and is now an award-winning therapist, working with anxious adults and children for over 20 years. Using his experience as a therapist, Stuart saw the need for a way to address anxiety at its root cause - and so developed the STILL Method. 


All the courses and coaching we offer at CAW Wellbeing follow the STILL Method ethos. The programmes combine the best techniques from positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and personal development.

It is not therapy, but rather a way of equipping you with the skills to take responsibility, manage situations and feel empowered to reach your best health and wellbeing.

Stop = stop the anxiety or scary feeling; how to recognise what it is you are feeling
Talk = talk about the anxiety; how to talk about and explain what it is you are feeling
Imagine = imagine life without the anxiety; how to believe that feelings can change
Listen = listen to what your body is telling you; anxiety is as much a physical state as it is mental
Learn = learn to face the anxiety; how change the way you think and feel

In recent years there has been an unparalleled rise in the number of children, young people and adults presenting with high levels of anxiety and associated conditions. Schools and parents are having to devote more and more time to managing anxiety. 

By using the STILL method you will learn what anxiety is and what causes it.  You will learn tools to face challenges and feel empowered.  


The STILL method teaches techniques to deal with immediate crisis, such as panic attacks, but also demonstrates easy to learn ways of dealing with painful memories and recurring thoughts.

Once we reduce the mental blockers that get in the way of you achieving your dreams, your options are endless. 

Coaching sessions

Coaching Sessions

CAW Wellbeing offers fun, practical and interactive coaching sessions to help children, adults, parents and teachers not only manage anxiety, but help them find ways of overcoming anxiety with day to day issues.

Amelia always begins with a free consultation. It's an opportunity for us to chat and for you decide whether the approach she uses is right for you or your child.

For your child:
7-15 years

These sessions are specifically tailored to children and teenager anxiety needs. 


Group sessions are a great way to meet like-minded children and reassure your child that they are not alone. However, one to one sessions can be tailored to your needs. 


6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks.

1-2-1s: £300 per programme 

Groups: £85 per attendee (minimum 5 people, max 10) 


All participants receive a free 'My Mind Hacks Journal'.

Teenagers in Nature

For young adults: 
16-24 years

These sessions focus on more mature content for anxious young adults as they are about to embark on their life in the wider world. Group sessions are available to meet like-minded individuals, or one to one sessions can be arranged. 

6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks 

1-2-1s: £330 per programme 

Groups: £85 per attendee (minimum 5 people, max 10) 

All participants include a free 'Adult Workbook'

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For adults
- any age

Adults experience anxiety too, whether it's in the workplace, during exams or at home. These sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual situation. You can take these sessions as part of a group course, in person or online.


6 x 1 hour sessions over 6 weeks

1-2-1s: £330 per programme 

Groups: £85 per attendee (minimum 5 people, max 10) 

All participants receive a free 'Adult Workbook'

Students Taking Exams

For exam anxiety:
12+ years and adults

Exams and tests can heighten our anxiety. This course is designed specifically to address how to control your fears in the build up to and during exams. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding in your exams with tailored group sessions or one to ones. 

3 x 1 hour sessions over 1-3 weeks

1-2-1s: £170 per programme 

Groups: £35 per attendee (minimum 5 people, max 10) 

All participants receive a free 'Learning Workbook'

Group sessions take place at Itchen College, Southampton. One to one sessions can take place online or in person. Please contact us for more details. 

Contact Amelia

Contact Amelia 

Let's arrange an initial free consultation to see whether my approach is right for you. Please share your details on this form and I'll be in touch to arrange a time to chat. 

Thanks for submitting!

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