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"Get fit to run, rather than start running to get fit!" 

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Meet Chris Walker, your CaW Fitness Coach. 

Chris is an experienced runner and triathlete, having taken part in many long distance races and charity events. He's a keen member of Southampton's Itchen Spitfires Running Group and leads training sessions with the group there to help them maintain their core strength which is so vital to running - and any endurance sport.

Chris has designed the CaW fitness programme to appeal to all levels, with a variety of classes throughout the week designed to give a full body workout. They are designed to complement other activities that you may do outside classes, such as running, swimming and cycling, but equally they can be taken as your main exercise option. 

Fun is a key element to exercise with Chris, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. So come along with a great attitude, get involved and be prepared to sweat - and you can't go wrong really! 

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