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Conquering the Elements: Our Epic Journey Climbing Snowdon in the Wind and Rain

As we all sat in the warmth of our cars, watching the rain pour down , we all thought , Great ! we're are all going to get wet. The original plan was a serene hike up Wales’ highest peak, Snowdon, but as the wind howled outside and rain fell relentlessly, the adventure took on a new, more challenging form.

The Beginning of the Journey

With our backpacks tightly secured, waterproof gear on and determination as our companion, we began the climb into the wind-whipped rain. Gusts of wind tugged at our resolve as if to test our commitment to this escapade. The path ahead was shrouded in mist, adding an element of mystery to the adventure.

Embracing the Elements

It Rained the whole way up and the higher we got the windier it got , and the wetter we got. Miserable comes to mind but then you realise you are on a mountain and in the great outdoors, There is no better feeling than that.

Meeting Mother Nature face to face

We all reached the peak. What a view !!!

The decent was as wet and as windy as the climb up , But that didn't matter it was the achievement of the climb and the feeling of accomplishment that we all felt. We even started to smile.

Everyone made it to the summit (and down again) , wet ,tired , but smiling.

It was a great day on the mountain. We will be back.

And yes , there were waterfalls to swim in by some crazy ladies!

Next year ? ….Definitely

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